Revitalize with PRIME’s 90-Day Reconditioning Program. The program will commence with a consultation that will identify your goals, fitness history, injury history, and diet. After, an assessment of posture,  Functional Movement Screening (FMS), body fat, as well as a Resting Metabolic Rate and  Imett VO2 Sub Max Test will be done. Lastly, you will consult with a nutritionist who will create a meal plan for the next 90 days.

Once your coach creates your customized exercise program you will:

  • Have 3 sessions per week (total of 36)
  • Receive a post-workout shake after each session
  • Have bi-weekly therapy of your choice: physical, massage, or holistic.
  • Have 1 shopping trip with your coach and a cupboard raid (optional)
  • Be re-assessed 3 times throughout the program
  • Receive 1 re-assessment with nutritionist
  • Food Package (please inquire)

This is an opportunity for you to work with and be educated by the best professionals in the area when it comes to your body’s fitness and nutrition. Let the PRIME Team revitalize your lifestyle.

*Please inquire for pricing