Take Pride in Your Brain!


The heart of who we are, as individuals, is based on our personality, beliefs, temperament, and spirituality. Those traits bring out our ability to articulate our feelings and express our emotion to family, friends, and co-workers. These components are harbored and molded by our brain. 

Brain Aging

“Brain aging” refers to the “wear and tear” and speed of your brain. We are born with 100 billion neurons (cells) in our brain. Neurons provide vital connections via synapses (electrical bridges) to keep information running smoothly. As we go through life we lose and rebuild these neurons, but as we get to the age of 40 the brain cannot keep up the re-building process and begins to decline. 

Our habits and lifestyle can affect the age our brain. Brain aging is caused by weakened cerebral pathways and/or damaged neural material (think scar tissue) that destroy synapses. Both of these eventually slow down the transfer of information in the brain. This can lead to disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. What makes us so resilient as humans is the fact that we can keep this decline at bay if we take pride in our brain. 

Big Players

  1. The Cortex: is the largest “mass” of the brain that is divided into four lobes. These lobes are responsible for processing and responding to different types of sensory information. 
  2. Cerebral Pathways: a series of neurons (cells) that connect to send to a signal from one part of the brain to the other. Think of the electrical wiring in your home.
  3. Cerebro-spinal Pathway: a series of neurons (cells) that connect to send to a signal from the brain to the spinal cord. This will allow us to complete and adjust physical movements. Think of an outlet, a plug, and a lamp. The electricity will move from the outlet, through the plug, to allow the lamp to turn on. 
  4. A. Temporal Lobe: area involved in long term memory and language processing B. Parietal Lobe: known as our “thought factory”, determines brain “speed” and “age” C. Frontal Lobe: involved in decision making, judgment, and emotions. 
  5. The Heart: organ that moves blood throughout the body’s circulatory system. 
  6. Blood Flow: the circulation of blood through our body
  7. Sugar: known as a sweetener


How to Empower Yourself

It all starts with understanding if you could be at high risk for early brain aging. Health issues such as cardiovascular disease, untreated depression or ADD, excess intake of alcohol, traumatic brain injury, and diabetes greatly increase your risk of early brain aging. 

Next, you understand what foods can support a healthy brain. 

  1. Omega 3’s, garlic, ginger, rosemary, berries, green tea, pomegranate are important to brain health as they decrease inflammation. The less inflammation in the body, the better the blood flow to the brain. 
  2. Oregano, cloves, thyme, berries, artichoke, and cocoa can fight off free radicals. Free radicals are toxins that can destroy the power source to cells, mitochondria, essentially leading to cell death. The antioxidants in these foods will inhibit the free radicals before they can enforce any damage to cells. 

Keeping a healthy blood sugar level is paramount to healthy gut and brain function. As sugar enters the body, your pancreas fires up insulin to transport the glucose (sugar) to your cells for energy. If the demand for insulin becomes extremely high the cell becomes resistant to insulin, the insulin builds up outside of the cell, like scar tissue, hindering the current of electricity (cell communication).  

We know exercise burns calories and releases endorphins (happy hormones!), but it also helps strengthen our brain. When we do physical exercise our Cerebro-spinal pathway fires in order to coordinate and adjust our movements in order to complete the task. The more coordination you can challenge yourself with; ping pong, darts, or basketball, the more “strength” you can build in the brain. Exercise also protects the brain against free radicals, improves brain metabolism of cholesterol, improves oxygen levels to brain, and increases tone in blood vessels in the brain (this is vital to long term blood flow). 

Lastly, find a hobby or an activity that you can fall in love with. This will give your brain the opportunity to shift away from the stresses and pressures we all face in life. Today’s world is fast and tough. Do something for yourself like hiking, joining a book club, or volunteering at a pet shelter where you can be in your element and meet like-minded people. 

Taking pride in your brain can put anyone on the path to a long, happy life. It will give you the opportunity to embark on exciting journeys, a fulfilling career, and build strong personal relationships. 





Training Education

To provide students with greater opportunities to visit and explore a variety of nearby work environments, My Brother’s Keeper New Rochelle has launched “Take a Student Ambassador to Work Day” on April 27th to coincide with the national “Take Your Son/Daughter to Work” campaign.

“The students are so excited about the opportunity to visit a workplace and learn about a company or industry and think about their own career goals,” says Camille Edwards Thomas, House II Principal at New Rochelle High School and co-chair of MBKNewRo’s Student Resources Committee. 

“We are delighted and grateful that our host employers have been so positive and are planning important informational sessions and events for our MBK students,” says Colleen Gardephe, Managing Director of MBKNewRo and co-chair of the initiative’s Student Resources Committee. 

Currently, host employers in Manhattan include John Gallin & Son, Credit Suisse, the law firm of Patterson, Belknap Webb & Tyler, publicist Lizzie Grubman, and the education non-profit Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). In New Rochelle, host employers include Mayor Noam Bramson, Rice and Rice law firm, Judge Gail Rice, Judge Susan Kettner, Judge Anthony Carbone and the Creative Learning Center. Host employers in Westchester include The Journal News, Volunteer New York, Prime Performance & Development and Coriander Restaurant. 

My Brother’s Keeper New Rochelle (MBKNewRo) is a unique partnership between the City of New Rochelle and the School District and is supported by more than 120 community partners and 100 volunteers. MBKNewRo has launched or implemented more than two dozen events, programs and activities to help students make progress in all six of the Milestones outlined in this cradle-to-career initiative. 

To learn more about MBKNewRo, please visit its website at or check out the organization’s posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To volunteer or donate, please write to





Rose Launches Functional Neuroscience Course

Prime’s own Geoff Rose has teamed up with Andrew Amigo of the Accomplished Brain to develop an educational course on Functional Neuroscience. The course, Core Concepts in Functional Neuroscience, is a crash course on the nervous system, vestibular system, brain pathways, and nutrition to work with those suffering from chronic or traumatic brain injuries. The course is built for Chiropractors, physical therapists, and strength coaches. 

See the promotional video:





Get in THE ZONE with Ivan's Youth Basketball Training!


We are happy to announce that our very own Youth Sports Performance Director, Ivan Tchatchouwo, is taking the MCATS today! He is taking a step on his journey towards becoming an Osteopath. We would like to also acknowledge that Ivan has started a basketball training program with his peers from his time in high level college basketball. They are handing down the skills and tools they learned from their playing days to adolescents looking to learn, enjoy and work hard at the game of basketball. Ivan was a two time captain for The Clippers at Concordia College, where he lead them to their first conference tournament appearance. Ivan’s background is not only playing, but coaching the game of basketball. He has honed his coaching skills at Iona Grammar School and The Minutemen AAU program, as well as running his own basketball clinics. For further information about his youth basketball training, check out the website: or contact Ivan at: 




Coach Rose Leads Iona Prep Lower School To Westchester County Champs 3 Times In A Row!

Iona took on OLPH of Pelham in the Westchester County Championships last week. Iona jumped out to an early lead, but OLPH slowly pulled themselves back into the game creating a see-saw battle all throughout the 4th quarter. The Gaels got pivotal stops down the stretch in order to secure it's 3rd Westchester County Championship in a row!


The Gaels take on St. Raymond's of the bronx this Saturday at 6:20 at the Ursuline School in the state quarterfinals. 


Sports Performance




Sports Performance

Iona Prep Lower school repeats as CYO State Champions!

Prime’s Coach Rose led this year’s 8th grade team to a 22-3 overall record. Iona survived a three game losing streak and sprinted into the Westchester County Championship game where they beat St. Mary’s of Katonah 52-35. 

The team then beat Staten Island’s Sacred Heart after a huge first half offensive performance and finally winning 60-47. The championship game was a physical and mental battle against Orange County’s St. Mary's. Iona was able to get critical stops and knocked down free throws down the stretch to separate themselves as State Champions! The final score was 49-35.




We are thrilled to be adding a Royal Spa Float Pod to our facilities at PRIME!  It will be an exciting new tool in our efforts to provide cutting edge techniques for physical well-being, healing and revitalization! The float pod is the ultimate relaxing environment, but getting it delivered and installed proved to be challenging.  After some careful disassembling and a bit of elbow grease we were able to get our float pod situated in our newly built float suite.  We can't wait to have it up and running very soon for our clients to give it a go!