Join us for our new weekend classes at PRIME! Saturdays will be a Speed, Agility, & Strength Training course to address athletes and anyone wanting to improve their movement mechanics. Sundays will be a Hips & Abs class focusing on core strength and relieving pain in the spine and pelvis caused by our stressful lifestyles. As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, these classes can help to maintain a healthy level of exercise and activity. Hope to see you there!

PRIME’s Speed, Agility, & Strength Training course will address the proper mechanics of movement and will focus on reducing the risk of injury, increasing power & strength, and building endurance & stamina. Utilizing our facility’s 30+ yards of turf, the small groups of participants will learn proper movement efficiency that is critical for athletes engaged in Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, and Football. The hour long sessions will be in groups of no more than 7 participants. Classes will be lead by PRIME’s Sports Performance Director, Ivan Tchatchouwo. 

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Today’s lifestyle of commuting, texting, and desk work has left us with tight hips, cramped up necks, and lower back pain. PRIME’s Hips & Abs class will restore proper movement and tension in the spine, as well as its foundation: the pelvis. The “hip complex” has over 25 muscles that initiate movements such as flexion/extension, internal/external rotation, or abduction/adduction. PRIME’s Hips & Abs class will create synergy in the “hip complex”, strengthen the abs, bolster cardiovascular endurance, and reinforce good posture through the ELDOA technique. Geoff Rose will be leading the class as he has a plethora of experience with spinal injuries, mis-alignment, and orthopedic injuries. 

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