We are happy to announce that our very own Youth Sports Performance Director, Ivan Tchatchouwo, is taking the MCATS today! He is taking a step on his journey towards becoming an Osteopath. We would like to also acknowledge that Ivan has started a basketball training program with his peers from his time in high level college basketball. They are handing down the skills and tools they learned from their playing days to adolescents looking to learn, enjoy and work hard at the game of basketball. Ivan was a two time captain for The Clippers at Concordia College, where he lead them to their first conference tournament appearance. Ivan’s background is not only playing, but coaching the game of basketball. He has honed his coaching skills at Iona Grammar School and The Minutemen AAU program, as well as running his own basketball clinics. For further information about his youth basketball training, check out the website: itsthezone.com or contact Ivan at: ivan@performbyprime.com