The word is out that Lebron James spends 1.5 million dollars on his body. When you’ve made it to 8 straight finals and only missed a handful of games, it seems to be a good investment. This is a good thing for the training industry, but can also make it hard for an athlete to differentiate what is right for them and their sport.  

Lebron has invested in some really cool tools: the Normatec, Hyperbaric chamber, ect. While they all provide improved recovery, Lebron’s secret weapon is his biomechanist: someone who specializes in the science of joint movements and force production. This will ensure for ultimate efficiency, which will dictate his explosiveness, strength, and speed. 

At Prime we are firm believers that micro movement dictates macro movement. Meaning; if we can master efficiency, strength, and stability at proximal (think hip and shoulder) and distal (think ankle and wrist) joints, we can create optimal performance for a macro movement such as a baseball swing or a soccer kick. The approach lies less in what sport the athlete plays and more on the athlete’s musculoskeletal condition; do they have scoliosis, collapsed arches, what’s their hip mobility, head posture, etc.  Such issues can have a major impact on the musculoskeletal’s ability to create efficient, powerful macro movements.  

Prime’s approach to offseason training is to first create as much synergy as possible in the musculoskeletal system by giving a large demand to the muscles involved in micro movements. From there, we continue to reinforce that synergy while building power and muscular endurance. 

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