Increase your performance on the field by putting the work in with the PRIME Team. PRIME's Sports Performance Director, Ivan Tchatchouwo utilizes his performance background to improve strength, power, and speed for anybody from youth athletes to elite athletes to those looking to add an athletic approach to their training. Using The PRIME Method, Ivan will mitigate the probability of injury while maximizing your physical performance.  He will use his training to biomechanically reset the brain map to maximize movement efficiency in everything from everyday activities to the unique demands of your sport. 

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Ivan will start with a consultation that will identify your goals, sport history, injury history, and diet, then assess any biomechanic discrepancies in your body. This 30 minute assessment will consist of a postural assessment as well as tests in: range of motion, body mechanics, and reaction time. The assessment will also include a Functional Movement Screening (FMS), body fat (optional), as well as a cardio test (Imett VO2 Sub Max Test).  The goal of this is to have the athletes’s strengths and weaknesses identified before training begins. Using The PRIME Method, Ivan will mitigate the probability of injury while maximizing your physical performance.


In order to place our PRIME Athletes in a group that best suits his or her needs we must first assess the athlete. Athletes ages 10 and up are welcome to come in for a skills assessment. Once the assessment is complete you can sharpen your skills with a group that will be constructed on the basis of age and skill level. Group Sports Performance packages (1 hour per session) will focus on:

  • Acceleration

  • Agility

  • Absolute Speed

  • Strength and Power

  • Flexibility

  • Running Mechanics

The goal of Group Sports Performance is not only to achieve individual results, but to create a culture of team work, pride, and mutual respect amongst youth athletes. 

6 PACK       $360 ($60/SESSION)

10 PACK     $550 ($55/SESSION)

16 PACK     $800 ($50/SESSION)


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With One On One Sports Performance your body will be tuned up with everything from coaching of body mechanics to strength and speed work to energy system development. After the initial assessment, a personalized program will be implemented that will focus on Activation (feeling and "turning on" the specific muscle group), Strength (increasing the stability in those muscles) and Power (becoming more explosive in using those muscles) to create proper movement. Your program will cater to your body in advancing the performance in your sport as well as reducing the probability of injury. Each session will last 1 hour and 15 minutes.



12 PACK        $1,680 ($140/SESSION)

24 PACK       $3,000 ($125/SESSION)





Prime is certified by EXOS.