PRIME uses neuroplasticity to develop the crucial relationship between the brain and the body. The science of neuroplasticity stimulates the brain’s response to physical activity that reconditions the body’s awareness. The PRIME METHOD produces movement efficiency and optimal performance, while reducing deterioration. 



PRIME uses neuroplasticity to develop the crucial relationship between the brain and the body. The science of neuroplasticity stimulates the brain’s response to physical activity that reconditions the body’s awareness. The PRIME METHOD produces movement efficiency and optimal performance, while reducing deterioration. 


  • Spondylosis 

  • Proprioception (INCREASING one’s sense of joints and ligaments in movement)

  • Asthma

  • Diaphragm awareness and reinforcement 

  • Constipation

  • Stress Management

  • Pain ManagemenT (BIO MECHANIC THERAPY)

  • Functional Neurotherapy (rehabilitation post traumatic brain injury)

  • Concussions

  • Scoliosis (corrective exercise for structure and function)

  • Bulging/herniated disc




Geoff Rose is a Co-founder of PRIME, which was founded in March of 2013. He is a Neuro Therapist and posture specialist as he taps into the nervous system in order to create proper movement. Rose specializes in concussions, chronic neurological disorders, and spinal injuries. He is completing a 2 year Osteopathic Training Program taught by world renowned Guy Voyer, Osteopath DO, as well as mastering Functional Neuroscience taught by Andrew Amigo of the Accomplished Brain. His coaching has reached the likes of professional basketball and rugby players, collegiate football and lacrosse players, and adolescents with the need for improved motor skills. 

His career started at Clemson University where he was a student assistant for the Men’s Basketball team from 2007-2010. During that time, Rose also worked under the Strength and Conditioning program assisting Head Strength Coach Preston Greene. His time at Clemson included a Top 25 AP ranking every season as well as 3 trips to the NCAA Tournament. In 2010 Rose served as Coordinator of Operations for the University of Delaware Men’s Basketball team. Rose helped guide Delaware to a 14-17 record and finished 7th in the CAA. After a year at Delaware, Rose joined Concordia College as an assistant Coach as well as the Strength Coach for Men’s Basketball. In his 2 year stint, Rose helped the Clippers to an overall 25-29 record as well as reach the CACC Playoffs for the 1st time in school history. Rose is currently the Athletic Director at Iona Prepatory Lower School in New Rochelle.




Michael C. Petrina is a Co-Founder of PRIME, an innovative sports performance facility combining fitness, movement and biomechanics. Michael specializes in pre-injury and post-rehab strength training and treatment. His treatment concentrates in neuromuscular structural integration that resolves injuries and discrepancies in biomechanics and anatomy. His cross-functional approach minimizes downtime as his clients can continue to build strength and flexibility while overcoming injury. Studying under Dr. Keith Pyne, a pioneer in corrective therapy, for over 3 years, Michael has honed his treatment skills and developed a system that corrects the actual cause of the pain. Unlike traditional methodologies that only treat symptoms providing just temporary relief, Michael's system is unique in that he incorporates manual therapy, proprioception, and corrective patterning to reset the brain's connection with the body. Addressing the problem where it starts, in the body's kinetic chain, is paramount in Michael's treatment philosophy - and why his clients consistently improve their performance. 

In the past couple of years, Michael has worked with several professional athletes in post injury rehabilitation and biomechanical efficiency. He is currently a consultant with professional sports teams, assisting in the treatment and design of programs to reduce the chance of injuries. 





Ivan Tchatchouwo reinforces proper movement through structure function; which prepares the body’s mechanics to move properly. Tchatchouwo uses his experience studying under a combination of Dr. Sergai Delamora and Dr. Todd Narson to reveal fundamental deficiencies with a process to bring back structural integrity. In this time, Tchatchouwo retained a greater understanding for an ethical way of treatment. Comprising all of his previous and continued studies, Tchatchouwo has a keen vision of establishing a program for any sports related performances.

Tchatchouwo hails to us from Concordia college where he attained his bachelors in arts studying Biology. During his years at Concordia College, Tchatchouwo was also a two time mens basketball captain; leading the Concordia Clippers to the first CACC playoff birth in school history. Being here just under a year, Tchatchouwo continues to present leadership qualities and a great sports performance background to the training protocol at PRIME.




Rachael Van Schoick combines therapy, tissue manipulation, and muscular re-education in order to realign the body and find solutions to alleviate pain. Studying under Melissa Wolfe-Roseboro, apprentice to Neuromuscular Anatomist, Irene Dowd, Van Schoick built an understanding of biotensegrity. The Gray’s Institute also broadened her knowledge of Applied Functional Science helping her create proper assessments and tailor programs for individuals. Through these approaches Van Schoick treats the body as a whole as opposed to isolated areas. She uses myofascial treatments through tissue manipulation and movement to facilitate the muscle connection to the brain.  

Van Schoick graduated from Montclair State University starting out with a Dance Major then, after an injury, changed to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Within her dance career she became a role model for other students and assisted teachers with their work. Following her collegiate career Van Schoick worked in a Physical Therapy environment where she studied under the Gray’s Institute and Trigger Point Therapy. There she worked with top level tri-athletes, marathon runners and Ironmen as an aide. Here she developed more skill sets to provide the speed and endurance these athletes needed in order to keep the elasticity in the body while maintaining the necessary strength. Van Schoick has also participated in a variety of massage events from 5k’s to school organization events. Van Schoick is constantly finding new ways to integrate different methodologies to create a better system for each individual.  




"Coach Rose was able to figure out my imbalances then properly align my body. His training has allowed my performance to thrive."

Kenneth Stern

Professional Rugby Player


"I came to Mike with a knee tracking issue (PFS).  Mike was able to provide safe, challenging, and thoughtful exercises to help me strengthen my body, and overall fitness level, while having fun."

Alice G


“As the Strength Coach, Rose’s programs allowed our athletes to become stronger, faster, and more explosive. Rose’s work was a major factor in the improvement of our basketball program.”

Brian Sondey

Concordia Basketball Head Coach


“Coach Rose’s training for my senior season helped locate and attack my weaknesses while increasing the foot speed needed for my position.”

Kieran McDonald

UNC Lacrosse Alumni